Sharon Shannon

Sharon Shannon is one of Ireland’s most renowned musicians for her virtuosity on the accordion and also for her talents as an arranger and composer. She has already released numerous albums under her own name, revealing the talent and eloquent creativity of this artist. Unmissable!

She joined The Waterboys in 1990 with whom she released an album and played on numerous tours. She had her first big solo success in 1991 with the album “Sharon Shannon”. Even greater success came when she played on the album “A Woman’s Heart”, which is one of the biggest selling albums of all time in Ireland.

Recently, Sharon has expanded her work beyond her music, regularly recording and uploading podcasts to her Patreon page to offer fans a deeper understanding of her music. In collaboration with the NUIG music department, Sharon has recorded a series of master classes that are used as part of the NUIG music curriculum. These are made available online, with new lessons being uploaded on an ongoing basis.

Sharon released a double live album in July 2021. Recorded live at the famous De Barras Venue in West Cork in February 2020 and featuring longtime sidemen Jim Murray and Jack Maher on acoustic guitars and vocals, it showcases the talent and power of the Sharon Shannon Trio.

Irish musician Sharon Shannon has carved out an impressive career through verve and talent. She gets a strong, almost “vocal” tone from her accordions; her instrumental technique is remarkable, yet looks effortless; and her smile could light up a small fishing village by itself – The Guardian

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