TV Pins

TV Pins are a 5 piece band from London and the West Midlands, delivering vocal harmony drenched sounds of West coast Americana with distinctively British avant- garde song writing.

They share a love of keyboard grooves and a fusion of styles from 70’s americana, classic British new wave, 60’s psychedelia, shards of ska, hook-laden power pop and Gypsy mo-town.

Promising a unique blend of heritage and attitude, warm yet spiky tunes, plus avant-garde pop melodies, TV Pins sound like an updated version of that classic band you’d forgotten how much you loved. You can hear nifty arrangements, big harmonies and a sound that echoes iconic bands like ELO and Supertramp; sprinkled with 90s nostalgia reminiscent of Crowded House, and grooves that fuse psychedelic soul, Americana and British new wave.

Members of the band have played bass with Sting, whilst others have supported Blur.

Combining many years of experience with the energy of youth, TV Pins are not to be missed.

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