Affection Place feat. Dave Formula

Affection Place is a pop-rock group based in Lyon, France, born out of the international New-Wave / Post-Punk music scene of the 80’s. The original formation played from 1979 to 1981 performing many concerts in France and Switzerland and touring with groups such as Magazine, the Cramps, A Certain Ratio, Marquis de Sade and many more.

In 2019 the group reformed and released a compilation of unreleased tracks dating from the 80’s on Caméléon Records. A major exhibition in Lyon “Lyon Capitale du Rock 1978-1983” at the Municipal Library of Lyon highlighted Affection Place as a force majeur of the Lyon music scene of the early 80’s.
A french TV documentary followed on France 3 called ‘Sauvages’ highlighting the importance of bands such as Affection Place in the 80’s.

Since 2019, the band has filmed music videos and performed numerous concerts with much music press interest. Affection Place formed a close relationship with keyboard player and producer Dave Formula from the band Magazine/Visage. Dave produced and features on 4 tracks recorded during lockdown.

In 2022 Affection Place recorded an album in Dave Formula’s studio (The Sweet Factory) in the UK which is scheduled for 19th January 2024.

Dave Formula will be joining on keyboards for their UK gigs.

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