September 23, 2020

Agent Freelancer Platform

The current coronavirus pandemic has severely disrupted the music industry, this has caused many agents to face redundancy. The Agent Freelancer Platform will allow the agent to maintain their position booking shows whilst the world gets back to normal. Midnight Mango will help agents remain in the industry as a booking agent during these times. The Agent Freelancer Platform does not prevent the freelancing agent from working on other forms of income other than booking their live roster.

  • Respected and award winning agency brand
  • Industry standard booking software
  • Company marketing
  • Fantastic website
  • Deep address book
  • Provide support and line management
  • Provide a support and advice network
  • Protect your roster from external approaches
  • Monthly settlements for your artists
  • Track your commission
  • Work the hours you want when you want
  • Work from home or anywhere you want
  • Take control of your business affairs
  • And much more…!

The aim of the platform is to help and protect experienced agents who are vulnerable in an extremely volatile market place. At the same time Midnight Mango increases its presence in the industry whilst managing its own risk.


To create and grow an agency of highly motivated freelance agents who have control over their own roster and income. The platform will do this by providing the tools and back room services to help agents deliver their bookings and by providing a clear pathway to success. Whether the agent remains as a freelancer in Midnight Mango, progresses within the company itself or ultimately develops a future career outside the company, both Midnight Mango and the agent will have benefitted from their time working together.


Midnight Mango provides the umbrella of a respected and award winning agency under which the agent freelancer can operate. The agent seamlessly becomes part of the Midnight Mango booking team. The agent will have access to all the systems the company provides whist at the same time have the freedom to work when, where and for how long they want. The company will also provide guidance and support to help the agent develop professionally and expand their roster as future artists approach Midnight Mango.


The artists on the agent freelancer’s roster become part of the Midnight Mango roster. They become part of a bigger family of artists and therefore benefit from the prominence a larger agency affords them. This also reduces the likelihood that they will be seduced by external agent approaches. Their agent continues to represent them as they had before.

Midnight Mango considers the agent and their roster as one entity and if the agent moves to another company or sets up on their own then the expectation is that their roster moves with them. In reality it is always up to the artist and their management who represents them, but Midnight Mango will make no efforts to keep those artists that the Agent has bought to the company roster. By taking this approach Midnight Mango aspires to motivate Agent Freelancers and give them the freedom and protection to excel.


The work that an agent does is always booking into the future, as a consequence of this there is no legal framework to protect an agent when a musician decides to leave and start with a new agent. A new agent can seamlessly book new future shows whilst the bookings of the previous agent play out. Of course, artists need to be able to change the people they work with, however this can lead to a culture of agents from larger agencies making unsolicited approaches to artists. When a solo agent loses one of its main acts, it can have a devastating effect on the income of the agent concerned.


The agent receives two thirds of the commission the company makes from their live or live streamed bookings. Our software reports the amount owed to the agent. The agent invoices Midnight Mango on a monthly basis. You are free to make other income from your roster, for example act as a PR or a management consultant. Midnight Mango only operates as a booking agency.


All your live bookings must go through Midnight Mango whilst you are working as a freelancer
All the artists you book must join the Midnight Mango whilst you are working as a freelancer

That’s It!

If you think The Agent Freelancer Platform could fit for you, or you just want to know more about the platform, get in touch using the contact form below.

Matt Bartlett – September 2020

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