And back to the real world for a bit!

MAMH Logo 250There’s a lot happening in the digital world at the moment. This blog has been focussed on that for the last four posts. There is a lot more to say and also some exciting things to announce very soon – This week, however, we are announcing something in the real world, with real people and real-live performances! Not in six months’ time but literally in just a few short weeks.

“we are announcing something in the real world, with real people and real-live performances!”

After the lockdown one thing that was clear. It would end. And when it ended and all the shows rescheduled to far over the horizon. Then there would be a long period of time until they actually happened. It was clear to me that for our industry getting back to normality would start with small and simple events and progress slowly to standing shows. At Midnight Mango we have assumed that our theatre shows will be out of action until a vaccine has been created and distributed. We took Easter 2021 as our arbitrary date. It’s a guess… what else can you do?

Easter is a long way away, so I figured we needed to do something simple and sooner. We needed to pivot, at least for now. Create a new offering and sell something quickly! Something that wasn’t affected by the inertia of our industry, something that could work and be adaptable as soon as it was safe and legal. So I came up with a new platform to sell music performances directly to the general public. Acoustic performances from two people. Absolutely no electricity and for a maximum of one hour.

It’ a good job it’s summer because we are starting with outside performances only. I am hopeful by August we will be able to take them inside. We know there will be hoops to jump through and regulations may change. We have learned to be flexible and what’s the worst that could happen? Postpone and reschedule… it’s not like we’re not used to that already!

The new platform is called Music At My House. It’s proving popular already. I confirmed our first booking yesterday! It’s going to be an interesting ride marketing to the general public. I am not expecting revenue from this project to compare to usual. BUT it will be something – and something is better than nothing.

Can you foresee any problems we may have? We want to get all bases covered! Let us know in the comments below!

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