Cancel Culture Policy

Cancel Culture can be defined as… the collective backlash and consequences faced by individuals or organizations for behaviour or statements deemed offensive or problematic. It involves public criticism, boycotts, and damage to reputations and careers, with differing opinions on its benefits and drawbacks.

Midnight Mango values free speech and the open exchange of ideas. We acknowledge the potential negative consequences of “cancel culture.” We recognize that individuals or groups may be targeted and ostracized based on their beliefs, opinions, or actions, even if they are not intended to cause harm.

To address this issue, Midnight Mango has established the following policy on cancel culture:

1. Respect for diverse perspectives: We encourage and promote the exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives, even those that may be controversial or uncomfortable. We strive to promote understanding and empathy.

2. Dialogue and engagement: We believe that dialogue and engagement are essential for addressing disagreements and resolving conflicts. We encourage individuals and groups to engage in constructive conversations, listen actively, and seek to understand different viewpoints.

3. Non-discriminatory practices: We treat all individuals and groups with respect and dignity, regardless of their beliefs, opinions, or actions. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, or any other characteristic.

4. Avoidance of public shaming: We do not condone or support any form of public shaming or vigilantism. This applies particularly to publishing personal opinions on public social media platforms.

5. Ethical conduct: We expect all employees, client artists, talent buyers, and partners to uphold high ethical standards and act with integrity in all their interactions.

6. Continuous learning and improvement: We regularly review and update our policies and practices to align with our values and promote a positive and inclusive culture. We acknowledge cancel culture as a complex issue and strive for ongoing improvement.

Overall, our policy aims to promote a culture of respect, understanding, and inclusion, while emphasizing accountability, responsibility, and continuous learning. We hope that this policy will help to foster a more constructive and supportive workplace environment, where all individuals and groups feel valued and respected.

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