Gooral is original artist from Poland who has been combining for over 20 years traditional music from the Polish mountains with electronics. He is a precursor of this musical style. Gooral was playing a multi-genre musical journeys and currently plays downtempo live act tuned to A-432 hz. This producer energizes people on his live shows according to the theory of solffiego frequencies.

He played over 1,200 times in 20 countries, including several of the largest European festivals, such as Opener, Sziget, Exit, Colors of Ostrava, Pol’and’Rock and Audioriver. Recently he has been playing a lot at consciousness festivals, as a Dreamersland and Wibracje.

He released 8 albums and his biggest performance gathered 200,000 people (the video from this performance has almost 9 million views on YouTube).

His last album “Wolno 2” was released on the Guatemalan label Resuéno, curated by Mose. Gooral cooperate also with Bar 25, Pipe and Pochet or Level dva labels.

For Gooral, music is more than just entertainment, it is an increasingly sacred space and has always been his life’s path of development.

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