Growing A Live Career – Video

Singer with old microphoneEnglish Folk Expo has developed an excellent online resource called Folk Talk Academy. It’s really cool – loads of content is currently going up on the site, I’m sure it will be very helpful to many in the industry. It’s definitely not just for folkies… Check It Out Now!

They were in touch and asked me to give a lecture entitled Growing A Live Career. Below is the video of the lecture. You can also watch it from inside the Folk Talk Academy portal, HERE. Where you can also download my slides.

It’s quite lengthy so I thought I’d add a “contents page” here, so you can jump to key bits if you don’t want to watch it all.

Intro – Tom Besford from English Folk Expo introduces the lecture
0:00 – 1:30

Part 1 – The importance of music in our lives…
1:30 – 7:30
Here I look at the role music has in our lives and how it is different for different people. From there I discuss what it means to become a professional musician.

Part 2 – What you have to do to attract an agent…
7:30 – 17:30
What we look for in a musician before we sign them up to our agency. It’s a science don’t you know!

Part 3 – The agent’s toolkit in the first two years……
17:30 – 45:00
This section is about what we do with our emerging talent, I break this down into five sections:

  • Showcase billings
  • Festivals
  • Headline Shows
  • Conference events
  • Support tours

Recap – Well it’s a recap!
45:00 – END

And that’s it – I focus on the early years, it’s a big topic, so I don’t go into what happens once the artist has become successful – that will have to be the subject of another day.

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