April 17, 2020

If it weren’t for Joe Strummer!

Coronavirus has landed and you might think there is lots of time to get things done – but actually I’m finding the day as a booking agency boss, busier than ever rescheduling all the shows in the world. Anyway, I thought I’d take a moment to let you know, how it all came about.

Almost exactly 20 years ago, I moved back to Bridgwater, Somerset where I grew up. It was meant to be for a singular summer. I’d been a science teacher in a London comp, I’d returned to university to do a masters, I’d taught TEFL in Prague, but none of them was my calling, so I went back to my parents and took stock. I was 30. I decided to stay in Somerset for a while, spend some time writing songs, immerse myself in the local music scene and see if I could find some focus. I rented a house, got a part-time job and did just that.

Around the same time, Joe Strummer from The Clash moved to a village near Bridgwater and became a director of a community film centre called The Engine Room. The board of directors decided to put on a fundraiser with Joe and his band The Mescaleros. The show would take place at The Palace, the local nightclub. I knew Phil the manager at The Engine Room, he knew I was in a band and asked us to be one of the support acts. (It’s not what you know…) Anyway, the gig was ace and for a moment really put Bridgwater on the map.

The whole experience got me thinking – perhaps I could start putting on bigger shows. Until then we had only promoted small gigs in pubs and small rooms. I mean The Palace held 800 people so it was a reasonable size.

I got in touch with an agent, booked a band called Proud Mary – lost some money, booked another – The Scissor Sisters made a lot of money, booked another Chumbawamba – lost a lot… and so began my addiction… more and more my own music took a back seat and for the next eight years, I became a professional promoter, putting on shows from Glasgow to Truro, Cardiff to Norfolk and everywhere in between.

In 2010 fate transformed us to booking agents – but that is a story for another day!

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Matt Caines
Sarah is brilliant to deal with ! Sarah is brilliant to deal with !
Seth Oliver
Exceptional Exceptional
Karen Burrows
The team at Midnight Mango are always a… The team at Midnight Mango are always a pleasure to do business with. I have worked with them for around 10 years now and their bands are just the best! They are the agency I recommend...the best in the business! Karen Burrows, Arts Programmer, SKDC Arts Centres
Rachel Lee
Excellent working with Midnight Mango Excellent working with Midnight Mango. They made really good suggestions, and were easy to communicate with. Really professional and personable, I can thoroughly recommend using them. Rachel
Eugene Butcher
Great company! Great company!
Chris Shepherd
Excellent to work with Excellent to work with, always friendly and helpful