Natu Camara

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Guinea, West Africa, Natu Camara has taken the world stage by storm with her powerful vocals and magnetic presence. Her presence and music resonate as a harmonious blend of legendary voices such as Miriam Makeba, Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman, and Tina Turner, emerging from the heart of West Africa as a dynamic singer and songwriter.

Natu has infused her music with her heritage in a unique way, resulting in a rich fusion of soul, pop, classic African roots that define her Afro-rock sound. Beyond her electrifying stage performances, Natu’s unwavering commitment to social justice is a common thread throughout her career.

With a voice that resonates like a call to unity, Natu’s journey started in the heart of Conakry, where her passion for music was nurtured by the rich traditions of her homeland. Her music effortlessly blends Guinean traditional rhythms with contemporary sounds, soul, African roots, creating a sonic experience that captivates audiences across the globe.

Natu’s commitment to social change is as unwavering as her melodies. Her lyrics address pressing issues, from gender equality to human rights, making her not just an artist, but a voice for the voiceless, a cultural ambassador, sharing the spirit of Guinea with the world.

Join us in celebrating the Award winning and New York city celebrated artist Natu Camara, in her musical journey as she continues to bridge cultures, break barriers, and uplift souls through her incredible music.

“Natu Camara is one of its brightest musical starts and a committed activist for the empowerment and education of girls and women in West Africa” – Brooklyn Vegan News

“Natu Camara, a signer from Guinea now based in New York, gave her West African pop a tinge of American funk as she offers determinedly uplifting messages” – New York Times

“Natu Camara is a FORCE of musical nature” – Music For The Masses

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