Orange River Remedy

Orange River Remedy hail from the West Midlands and write, record, and perform music often steeped in 60’s and 70’s reminiscence, bringing powerful riffs, three-part harmonies, and psychedelia into a wonderful modern, post pandemic era. They have recently supported the likes of Tankus The Henge and Dub Pistols on their UK dates.

The band members are all hugely talented at their craft, drawing on an extensive range of musical experience, influences, and styles, unusual for what is essentially a young band, paying homage to the likes of Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Elvis, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors.

Whilst putting their own slant on hits loved by many, as talented song writers, the band performs a range of their own material, which they describe as the lovechild of John Fogerty and Grace Slick, with Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin, Neil Young and Etta James as the grandparents. Quite a family!!!

On stage, their passion and love of music and each other shines through, drawing in their audience with a wide range of rock, soul, and blues numbers, both past and present! Be prepared to be transported across decades of influence and geography through a wonderful mix of favourites and self-penned material.

Wherever the “ORR” rock up, be it a festival, a wedding, a party, a corporate or private intimate event, they will deliver their unique, laid back, engaging and tight performance and will get the audience rocking.

“Very groovy – one of the most interesting new bands in the Midlands” – Moseley Folk & Arts Festival

“Orange River Remedy immediately wow. They have the cure to all your blues – groovy, man” – Slap Magazine

“Energetic & exciting, with echoes of Neil Young and Creedence, I truly believe the sky is the limit” – Dan Sealey (Cosmotheka & formerly of Ocean Colour Scene)

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