Sari Schorr

With a five-octave range and a voice that effortlessly traverses rock, blues, and soul, it is always the voice that introduces you to Sari Schorr. A creative force of nature through music, photography and the written word, Sari’s world is a place of resilience and tenacity. Sari is a firm believer in the enduring power of the human condition to overcome any obstacle – and for music to be the force for unity.

Born in Queens, New York, Sari began her craft working the music scene in the South Bronx and on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Her rise has seen her performing at Carnegie Hall, selling out concert halls in Europe, and headlining festivals internationally. Always travelling, Sari’s home is her suitcase – and her simple life-affirming vocation to perform and interact with audiences spans continents and cultures as her music stands as a universal language for positivity, hope and inclusion.

An artist in demand for collaborations, Sari thrives on artistic growth through exciting and inventive artistic partnerships. In recent years, Sari has worked with Robin Trower, Kiefer Sutherland, The Sweet and Popa Chubby to name but a few. Her belief in positive collaborations extends to her long-standing recording partnership with Henning Gehrke, with whom she is recording her new third studio album, due out in 2024.

Absorbing a spectrum of cultures, countries, and viewpoints from her endless touring, Sari channels her experiences, beliefs, and lessons from the road into her songwriting. Her lyrics are rooted in many of the defining global and societal issues that frame modern society and the shared challenges we have to overcome. No line is random, and no words are empty in her music, speaking on behalf of the people and standing tall as a voice for the silenced. Through this comes Sari’s authentic beliefs on the role and purpose of the artist in the modern world.

With the life experiences Sari has in her suitcase, Sari is setting a positive agenda and embracing the power of authentic music to heal the world’s divisions. Join the New Revolution.

“Schorr can sing it. With muscle and shell, the operatically trained New Yorker makes you believe every stormy line” – Classic Rock Magazine

“A future of potential and possibility has opened up before Sari Schorr…her live shows are becoming unmissable events” – Powerplay Magazine

“Combine the power of Grace Slick with the whisky-soaked warmth of Janis Joplin, and the result is the voice of Sari Schorr pouring out her heart and soul” – Express Mail

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