vōx is a multidisciplinary project exploring intimacy, self worth, love and trauma through visuals, fashion, and music.

In her powerful live performances L.A. singer vōx is searching for her whole self. Driven by love and trauma her disarming voice is known for stripping audiences down to their bare emotions. vōx will take you on a journey in subjects rarely talked about with such honesty. It’s that exact presence that’s silenced thousands across the world. Her upcoming debut album All My Best Friends Are Ghosts probably will have the same effect.

She’s been covered by Billboard, BBC, Vogue, i-D, and Paper Magazine among others and has performed around the world including at Art Basel Miami, Paris Fashion Week, Sonar Barcelona, Mutek Japan, Pride NYC, and the Alexander McQueen Sarabande Foundation.

For vōx, there’s strength in opening up. It’s an ongoing dialogue, evoked by honest lyrics, squelching basslines and electronic riffs, and it’s the sort of honest yet Gen Z, current-sounding stuff you’d expect to hear on an episode of Euphoria – Dazed

vōx feels firmly rooted in her calling. In her music and visual art, she illuminates the beauty of nature and the power of one’s voice. Sonically, she stretches the limits of her own voice, whether she’s singing classically or experimenting with artificial dimensions – Paper

Her nature is immediate; its purities, impurities, perfections and faults, and it is this honesty which radiates light even within the darker subjects – Glamcult

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