Born Tanner Allen, Skysia is a self-taught pianist, filmmaker, and production wizard; formerly based in Southern California, these days he lives in a converted mini-school bus – complete with mobile studio, crafting sound art while perpetually immersed in nature.

Forgoing electronic music’s inherent heaviness for a spiritualized serenity and elegant song craft, Skysia fuses elements of melodic bass, experimental bass, and modern downtempo into a euphonious sound.

The producer/composer often reveals a minimalist, deliciously danceable style; his translucent low-end theory is rich in musicality and steeped in dreamy psychedelia. Skysia mines earthy textures and unveils emotive tones, sonically expressing the delicate balance between darkness and light. His crisp, clear compositions invoke the sacred and sexy, humbly channelled through medicinal bass music. Drawing inspiration from global dancefloor pioneers like Bonobo and CloZee. Before embarking on a musical journey on the West Coast scene, Allen studied production techniques at the esteemed Point Blank Music School in London.

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