Orchestral Qawwali Project

The Orchestral Qawwali Project is a one-of-a-kind ensemble,bringing audiences together with momentum that hasn’t been seen in decades. Together, they’ve breathed new life into centuries-old traditions by seamlessly blending Western Classical, choral, Indian Classical and Sufi music. Since their formation just 3 years ago, they’ve risen to prominence selling out concert venues around the world and amassing millions of online listeners.

Led by composer Rushil Ranjan and singer, Abi Sampa, the collective has blurred the lines between classical traditions to form something entirely new.

Their debut independent single, an orchestral interpretation of the ancient Sufi Poem “Man Kunto Maula,” was released in late 2020 and almost instantaneously struck a chord with audiences around the globe. This marked the beginnings of global and organically grown fanbase. Emerging from the pandemic, they made their orchestral concert debut alongside the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and conductor Clark Rundell, leaving the audience in Glasgow awestruck and on their feet and demanding an encore. The following month, they were personally invited by the two-time Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman to perform with his Firdaus Orchestra in Dubai, the first of many collaborations with the maestro and his orchestras in Dubai and India.

They went on to make their independent London debut at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in June 2022, selling the venue out in a week. After a series of sold-out shows across the UK and the Middle East, they released “Rubaru” or “Face to Face,” the world’s first entirely original composition for a symphony orchestra and qawwali troupe. Despite being an entirely original work the piece exceeding 12 minutes in length the piece was a major success racking up millions of streams and views.

In the continued sprit of breaking boundaries they then brought an orchestra, choir, qawwali troupe, Indian Classical dancers and a ballerina to a sold out standing crowd of 3000 at the Camden Roundhouse. To then cap off a truly brilliant 2023, the OQP collaborated with the mighty City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, selling out Birmingham Symphony Hall and bringing an entirely new audience to the venue and to the orchestra.

Their rapid success is a testament to the universal appeal of their music. Despite being independent, they’ve redefined a genre, creating music deeply rooted in tradition yet remarkably innovative. Their concerts have earned a reputation for unifying audiences, drawing classical music lovers, qawwali enthusiasts, and people from diverse backgrounds. The Orchestral Qawwali Project isn’t just a musical ensemble; it’s a phenomenon that transcends boundaries, uniting people through their unique sound.

“Unmistakable ragas and the soaring bows of an orchestra reverberate with the gravitas of a Hans Zimmer score” – The Guardian

“Rapturously energetic.” – The Financial TImes

“The Holy Trifecta of Music “ – Vogue

“The true magic of the evening… A Stunner” – The Times

” truly a rare example of how performative art can transcend and transform the boundaries of its nature” – The Glasgow Guardian

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