Yemanjo is a project of producer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist Ben Harris. Raised in the rich culture of California’s Bay Area, Harris’ work is influenced by the global music styles he has encountered through extensive world travels.

Yemanjo’s sound is a unique fusion of downtempo and organic house beats with traditional sounds from Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. The previous five years have seen Yemanjo touring the world while releasing prolifically with top labels in the genre such as Cosmic Awakenings and Cafe de Anatolia. His full-length album for Wonderwheel Recordings will be released on 10th May 2024.

In performance, Yemanjo combines his original music with live singing in many languages, trumpet, percussion and other instruments in an electro-acoustic live set. Yemanjo also offers hybrid DJ sets with live instrumentation, bringing a refreshing sonic diversity and decades of experience as a dynamic live performer and frontman.

“Great stuff… A really warm and organic mix of folk sounds and modern electronics that crack” – KEXP

“Viscous and raw-toned, with formidable power and dexterity, when required, all of these performances recreate the deepest heart of the native idiom, vivacious and drenched in the emotion and drama of musical medicine to a rare degree” – World Music Report

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