Drum Machine

Drum Machine is a larger-than-life drumming collective, playing their own unique style of hypnotic dance music, influenced by the electronic music scene of today and yesteryear.

From the stage to the dancefloor and from the streets to the fields.

Going out with anything from 12 to 70 players, Drum Machine is an audio-visual experience that has to be witnessed.

The interactive performances are written to draw the audience in and provide them with an opportunity to become a part of what is happening.

Clapping and hilarious rhythmic phrases to shout together and in sections, creating their own crazy grooves made of words and sounds, bringing some much-needed connection in today’s world.

Drum Machine have opened main stages and played at some of the UK’s biggest festivals; Beat Herder, Camp Bestival, Blue Dot, Bearded Theory, Sol Fest, Audio Farm, Moovin, Eden Festival.

They are now taking their crowd-pleasing performances into venues to open for bands such as PWEI and EMF.

Drum Machine works on stages of all sizes, on any street and in any field.

Energising. Uplifting. Exhilarating.

Performance and workshops on site and in venues.

“The best thing I have ever seen! You should be opening main stage at every festival in the UK” – Stephen Potter, Camp Bestival Main Stage Manager

“They are so damn tight and so damn funky! They have to be seen to be believed” – Sash, Boom Box Circus

“We curate a stage at the mighty Beat-Herder Festival and have done for the last 15 years. Drum Machine always open the stage every year and their energy, presence, and impact that they have on the crowd is always something to behold and something we always look forward to” – Tim Utah, Utah Saints

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