Introducing The Midnight Mango Lockdown Fund

Lockdown SongsToday is a really exciting day! We announce a new project called the MIDNIGHT MANGO LOCKDOWN FUND. With this fund, we will create freelance work opportunities for booking agents within our company. One of the ways we are raising capital is through a crowdfunded project.


To go with the project we have created a number of great rewards, in particular a compilation album featuring ten of the acts from our roster. It’s called MIDNIGHT MANGO LOCKDOWN SONGS. All of the artists donated their track free of charge which is so great.

  1. Miss Dis N Dat – Neville & Sugary Staple
  2. Dangerous – Amy Montgomery
  3. Cry Of The Celt – Ferocious Dog
  4. Kiss Me Girl – Hands Off Gretel
  5. Sugar Water Sunday – Mad Dog Mcrea
  6. Diamond Ring – The Dead South
  7. Monsters – CoCo & The Butterfields
  8. Luna Park – Tankus The Henge
  9. Just The Thrill – Molotov Jukebox
  10. The Wisdom Of Standing Still – Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman

The vinyl pressing and artwork itself was donated by a fellow company from the South West; Disk Manufacturing Services who have a rich history of supporting educational and environmental projects, and grassroots music organisations. We are super grateful to them.

In my last blog post – How can we help to help ourselves? – I discussed how good business is all about growing a business by helping others. This is a tangible way that we are working to help others and also position ourselves well for when our shows and revenue return.

Agent Freelancer

We set up the Agent Freelancer Platform some time ago, but now with the Lockdown Fund, we will be able to attract new agents to the platform and actually pay them until their works starts to generate an income. You can read more about the platform here.

Please do click the link for the Crowdfunder page, if only to have a look and see what we are up to.

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